Tuesday, June 21, 2017
Location: The University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT

Foreign Financial Account Reporting and Disclosure
1:10pm to 2:50pm 
Speaker: Cory J. Bilodeau, Esq.  

Foreign financial account reporting remains a top priority of the IRS.  This presentation will discuss the numerous reporting obligations imposed by the IRS and the Bank Secrecy Act for owners of offshore accounts, the different options available for people to come forward who have unreported offshore accounts, the penalties for failing to report these accounts, defenses to unreported offshore accounts, practitioners responsibilities in offshore account reporting, and much more.

Cory J. Bilodeau, Esq. of McLaughlinQuinn LLC, will provide answers to the obligations of foreign financial account owners and the options available to disclose unreported foreign financial accounts.

Resolution of Federal and State Tax Liabilities – What we want you to know
3:20pm to 5:00pm
Speaker: Thomas P. Quinn, Esq.

Handling a routine audit or collection case is fine but what happens when things don’t go your client’s way?  When do you amend tax returns? Do you grant the IRS or State auditor a statute extension? Do you go to Tax Court? What happens when my client owes past due taxes and cannot afford to pay. What are the options and where are the “pennies on the dollar” settlements my clients hear about so much?

In our “What we want you to know” presentation, Thomas P. Quinn, Esq. of McLaughlinQuinn LLC, will answers these and other questions with a focus on the who, what, when, where and why of handling Federal and State tax audit and collection cases.